Cultural Awareness Project (CAP)

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What is the Cultural Awareness Project?

  • The Cultural Awareness Project (CAP) spreads cross-cultural awareness through presentations about cultures and global issues.
  • A CAP presentation can involve stories, photos, musical performances, traditional foods, art demonstrations, games, lectures, discussions, and much more.
  • United Planet works with schools, nonprofit groups, and companies in the Boston area to set up CAP presentations.
  • You can volunteer in your own community to do insightful presentations for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
  • All are welcome to give presentations: students, professionals, world travelers, and anyone with something to share!


“By listening to community members that have firsthand experience with different cultures, we can better understand what's happening in other places around the world.  It opens our hearts to other people. The CAP program works because it confronts prejudice that emerges when we are faced with the unfamiliar. Once we have the chance to become more familiar with our differences, that prejudice will change into understanding. And understanding will ultimately lead to peace and harmony.”     

Trisia Wati, Indonesian Humanitarian Aid Worker & CAP Volunteer

"As a teacher, I know that textbooks and lectures can only take a student so far. There is no substitute for hands-on knowledge, whether it be in a chemistry lab, a field trip or having a guest speaker come into the classroom and talk about his/her culture. Talking to young people and watching their interest in my story grow with each passing minute, renewed my hope in the future. Their determination to know more renewed my hope in humanity."

Renah Razzaq, Palestinian-American Teacher & CAP Volunteer


CAP Quest in Chile

United Planet is pleased to offer an optional Cultural Awareness component on our teaching Quest in Chile! Volunteers who opt to complete the CAP program assist English teachers at schools in Santiago, then spend the final week of their Quest giving several CAP presentations per day to Chilean students studying English at a technical college in Vina del Mar.  It is a challenging project designed for people who enjoy public speaking and leading discussions.  This Quest is a great opportunity to learn more about Chile and its culture, while also teaching Chilean students about your culture.  Click here for more information.

CAP Classroom
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Supplementary Information

Download our tips for preparing a CAP presentation. Still curious about CAP? Please read our CAP FAQs.

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