Group Volunteer Abroad Quests

Group Volunteer Abroad Quests

  Organize a safe, sustainable, and educational Group Quest for your team with United Planet. Your group will work alongside an international community, participate in cultural activities and excursions, and take language classes for a comprehensive and culturally immersive volunteer experience.

  For over ten years, United Planet has worked with university, high school, corporate, and family groups to create customized, perspective-changing volunteer programs in ten countries worldwide. We work with your group's interests, logistical needs, and learning objectives to put together a cultural experience that is perfect for you!



United Planet provides unparalleled volunteer training and support for your group before you leave, while you're volunteering, and when you return. We take care of all logistics and safety concerns so that your group can focus on the cultural experience and the volunteer work while in-country. Learn more about United Planet's commitment to health and safety here. 


 All Group Quests include:

  • Lodging (at local homestays or group volunteer houses)
  • Meals (depending on accomodation)
  • Language lessons, cultural activities and excursions tailored to your group's interests
  • Online or in-person pre-departure training with our Boston staff (depending on your group's location)
  • In-country airport transportation
  • Emergency medical and travel insurance for all group members
  • 24/7 in-country support and supervision, ensuring complete safety
  • United Planet t-shirts for all members
  • With every 10 volunteers, one group leader goes free of charge



Group volunteer work with United Planet focuses in on three main development areas. You choose an area of interest, and we'll match your group to a volunteer project that meets your specific goals.


Global Health   Children and Education   Environmental Sustainability

Children and



Group members gain valuable insight into the unique healthcare challenges facing other countries while forging connections with healthcare professionals around the globe. See possible projects.   Volunteer work includes teaching, working in afterschool and daycare centers, working to promote community development, or orphanage work. See possible projects.   Volunteer work includes conservation projects, working with endangered wildlife, promoting environmental education, and more. See possible projects.




Your group can volunteer in any of ten countries, any time of the year. Travel for as little time as a week, or for as long as three months. Contact us to learn more about designing a personalized Quest in any of the countries below - we'll work with your group's specific needs and organize all the logistics of the trip for you.


Intern Abroad in Chile Intern Abroad in Costa Rica Intern Abroad in Ecuador Intern Abroad in Ghana Intern Abroad in Nepal
Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Ghana Nepal
Intern Abroad in Peru Intern Abroad in Romania Intern Abroad in South Africa Intern Abroad in Tanzania Short-term Volunteer Abroad - USA
Peru Romania South Africa Tanzania USA


  I absolutely loved the people we got to work with. Everyone was so excited every day, and I think that energy made our team work more efficiently.    The knowledge I have gained through this experience cannot be sought after in books. This experience will forever stay with me not only through memories but in my heart through the love I received from everyone I encountered.    I walked away with tears in my eyes because I was so upset to say goodbye to the children I had met... I felt as though the community welcomed our entire group immediately.
-Ricky, volunteer in Ecuador
-Alysia, volunteer in Peru   -Shelby, volunteer in Peru



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