About United Planet

United Planet offers volunteer opportunities in 35 countries, immersing you in local culture as you do your part to create a global community.

What We Believe

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

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We believe that human beings can create a global community, one relationship at a time. We help make that happen for people who are committed to a vision of the world that emphasizes community over conflict … collaboration and cooperation over disagreement and strife … the unity of humankind.

Let’s be honest – this is not an easy task. But United Planet is a non-profit organization that is working toward that goal. And we do everything we can to help our volunteers succeed: we don’t just drop someone off in the middle of nowhere and hope for the best. Every Quest is custom-designed based on the goals of the participant. Every community we serve is supported by United Planet staff. And every experience is immersive, comprehensive, and authentic. Changing the world is not a spectator sport – you need to get your hands dirty, and so do we.

Who We Are

The people at United Planet are driven by our mission, to unite the planet one relationship at a time. That may sound lofty to some, but it’s not. We are people who genuinely and fervently believe that we can make a difference.

Sure, we laugh, we eat lunch, we disagree sometimes. But we are passionately committed to our cause. We are multilingual, multinational, global. Many of us have experience with stepping outside our comfort zone to gain a new perspective, and we want to help others do the same. We believe in empathy, service, and most of all, the value of every person. If you spend 5 minutes in our office, or on the phone, you’ll know – this is an organization where people care.

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