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Intern Abroad

An internship that makes a difference

All internships are designed to enhance skills and provide valuable work experience. An internship abroad with United Planet also builds character, provides a sense of fulfillment, and makes a meaningful difference in our world. When you do an internship with United Planet, you will return with skills, hands-on experience and a profoundly changed perspective. It’s something you just won’t find elsewhere.

Our internships are authentic, immersive experiences that expose you to a world you haven’t seen before. But you are not completely alone: United Planet provides 24/7 support during your stay. And each internship is designed specifically for the individual. Learn, work, teach, discover … and grow.

Intern Abroad with United Planet

What I enjoyed the most was getting all of the hands on medical experience with kids that previously had very little healthcare. I enjoyed seeing their faces that were filled with joy and excitement and the feeling that what my fellow volunteers and I did made a difference. The impact this has had on my life is irrevocable, being able to do some real good in this world is a rare occurrence and to be a part of it was amazing.

Amanda, United Planet Global Health volunteer

Your Internship

As an United Planet intern, you receive:

  • A personalized internship project placement based on your learning goals and previous experience in the field
  • Dedicated support from an advisor in the Boston office who will walk you through the internship process
  • Assistance filling out and submitting necessary forms for you to receive school credit for your internship
  • Up to 12 college course credits through Fisher College (course tuition required)
  • An experienced, professional supervisor at your host project who will meet with you about learning objectives and provide feedback
  • An official participation letter and certificate of completion from United Planet

Internship program requirements

  • Interns must commit for a minimum of four weeks for a United Planet internship
  • United Planet interns must either be studying in their internship field or have had some previous experience in their project area
  • All interns must complete a final reflection addressing successes, challenges, and how their learning goals were met

Project Areas

How to Enroll

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