Medical and Dental Volunteer Quests

Volunteer Abroad Healthcare Programs, from 1 to 52 weeks

"I am a nurse and worked in a clinic for my entire stay. There is an inpatient part of this clinic which houses about 50 children with mental and/or physical disabilities whose parents couldn’t care for them. In this area I helped with the daily care of the children such as bathing, dressing, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and feeding as well as played with the children.

"In the outpatient part of the clinic I was able to do more nursing tasks such as take blood pressure, pulse, temperature, height and weight to triage the patients and give injections. I also helped with preparing supplies and filing. Overall this was an amazing experience.  I would highly recommend this trip to anyone."

--United Planet Peru Medical Volunteer

Healthcare volunteer abroad opportunities




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Medical professionals of all kinds are needed to provide vital services to underserved communities all over the world. If you have training in any healthcare field, you can help in areas such as HIV/AIDS awareness and outreach education, dental care, patient care in pediatric hospitals and clinics, psychological treatment for abused women and children, and much more. Please find a list of our healthcare volunteer abroad opportunities below. We hope you will join us!

United Planet’s Volunteer Abroad program combines volunteering, language learning, cultural activities, and excursions to provide an incredibly fulfilling experience for volunteers and valuable support for communities in need.

“My volunteer Quest was to Cusco, Peru. I volunteered in a free clinic where I joined the doctors and nurses in community outreach and Hepatitis B vaccinations. I had an amazing trip that far surpassed my expectations. I was a first time traveler abroad and was quite nervous, but from the moment I arrived I felt like I had friends and family right there with me. My host mom was great; it was like having a mom away from home. The friends that I made and the experiences I am taking with me will stay with me forever.”

--Elizabeth McKay, United Planet Peru Medical Volunteer

Quest Program Briefs

Group Medical Volunteering Abroad Healthcare Groups of students or professionals should look at our sample group itineraries in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Nepal. Ask us, if you are interested in other locations.
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Pre-med/medical students:
Medical volunteers interact with patients and may observe doctors or nurses at local clinics. At some clinics volunteers may also observe minor procedures. Please note that the primary task for students is observation. Volunteer tasks will vary depending on the volunteer’s level of medical expertise and language ability.

• Locations: Ghana, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania

Healthcare volunteer abroad
Volunteer nurses may assist staff with minor procedures such as blood work, giving injections, setting up an IV, etc.

• Locations: Ghana Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania

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Volunteer doctors can work directly with patients in coordination with local staff and doctors at a clinic or rural orphanage. Pediatricians are especially welcome to apply.

• Locations: Ghana, Ecuador, Romania, Peru, Tanzania

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Dental Students:
Volunteer dental students can help clean teeth; there may also be an opportunity to observe a dentist.

Click for information about the Dental Programs.

• Locations: Peru, 

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Non-Healthcare Professionals:
Volunteers in Tanzania can teach at a cancer insitute.

In Peru and Chile, volunteers with Spanish knowledge can work in a clinic setting, spending time with patients.

• Locations: Peru, Chile, Tanzania

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Psychology/Psychiatric Projects:
Psychologists and psychology students are needed to work at women’s shelters and juvenile detention centers. Psychiatrists can also work at a psychiatric clinic in Peru.

• Locations: Peru, Nepal, Tanzania

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Nutritionists are needed at a rural clinic and orphanage in Cusco, Peru.

• Locations: Peru
speech therapy healthcare volunteer project

Physical and Speech Therapy:
Volunteers with no experience may assist at a physical therapy clinic by prepping the adults for and helping out with the kids’ therapy. Professional physical and speech therapists are also needed at a rehabilitation center for mentally disabled children.

• Location: Ecuador, Chile, Tanzania

Three Easy Steps to Apply

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Call one of our friendly regional Quest coordinators today. We will walk you step-by-step through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1: Choose your Quest. Contact us at any time for help!  We'd love to talk to you. Email or call  1-800-292-2316.

Step 2: Enroll online. Please fill in the enrollment form. Then reserve your spot with a deposit (which will be credited toward your program fee).

Step 3: Meet your Quest coordinator and iron out the details. Once you've applied, your United Planet coordinator will contact you, and arrange a phone session to talk about your Quest of interest. THANKS!