Dental Volunteer Abroad Quests

Dental professionals of all kinds are needed to collaborate with local communities and provide vital oral health services to children and adults. Countless individuals lack access to even the most basic oral hygiene resources. Volunteers are needed to train people on how to care for their teeth (brushing, flossing); hygienists and dentists are able to help with serious dental problems that cause pain and illness.

Contribute your time in a meaningful way to the global community, while honing vital and valuable skills.

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Why volunteer abroad with United Planet?

United Planet Quests are designed to be immersive, authentic, comprehensive and provide you everything you’ll need to succeed. The program elements allow you to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourself. Most importantly, we partner with the community to ensure your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

  • We are a mission-focused, non-profit organization
    We are all about service, making a difference, building a global community.
  • Our programs emphasize authenticity
    Get outside your bubble, jump into a real experience, become a global citizen.
  • We provide everything you need to succeed
    Classes, in-country travel, home stays, meals, work –we are your cultural bridge.
  • Your safety is our most important concern
    From one-on-one assistance before you travel to experienced staff in country, everything is done to ensure your safety and wellbeing.
  • (your journey here)
    Your Quest is personalized to provide the opportunity for genuine, meaningful personal growth.
  • What we do is meaningful
    Your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

Dental Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

Flag of Peru

Dentists and dental students can volunteer on a healthcare Quest in Peru, working with dental professionals at local hospitals in Cusco. You’ll learn more about dental practices in this culturally rich country and provide dental care to local community members. This is a great way to expand your perspective and gain experience in a new setting. Learn more about volunteering in Peru.

Flag of Ghana

Volunteer at a health clinic in Ghana, work with Ghanaian health professionals, and provide dental care and instruction to local community members. On this Quest, you’ll immerse yourself in the healthcare system of a different country, widen your perspective, and work together with the community to improve access to dental care for all. Learn more about volunteering in Ghana.

Flag of Ecuador

Dentists and dental students can volunteer in health clinics and day care centers in Ecuador, providing dental care and oral hygiene education to the local community. Collaborate with local dental professionals to improve the availability of proper oral hygiene services and immerse yourself in the unique culture of Ecuador. Specific dental tasks will vary depending on level of training and certification. Learn more about volunteering in Ecuador.

Flag of Nepal

Volunteers have the opportunity to assist local dentists who travel throughout Kathmandu and surrounding areas. Your tasks may include brushing and flossing with patients, providing fluoride treatments, and educating community members about proper oral hygiene. Placements will vary based on when you are looking to travel and your level of dentistry experience. Learn more about volunteering in Nepal.

Group Dental Quests

United Planet works with individuals, dental offices, as well as university and high school groups to develop customized group dental volunteering itineraries. All United Planet Group Quests combine meaningful service work with exciting excursions and cultural activities to provide a truly immersive, authentic, and comprehensive experience. Learn more about Group Quests.

Additional Dental Quest Locations

Dental Quests are available in Mexico and the Philippines depending on your experience level and level of certification. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in volunteering in either of these locations.

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