Dental Volunteer Quests

Volunteer Abroad Dental Programs, from 1 to 12 weeks

'United Planet provided me with the experience of a lifetime! Even though I expected so much out of this trip, United Planet exceeded my expecations. Being a pre-dental student, I chose to work at a clinic. I learned so much about my desired profession and came back with knowledge that I can use in the future.

"I was immersed in the culture and felt like I was a native by the time I left. I couldn't have asked for a better, worthwhile, totally-worth-it experience. When I get the chance, I am doing it again!"

--Sydney Guidroz, United Planet Dental Volunteer, Peru

Dental professionals of all kinds are needed to provide vital services to underserved communities all over the world. Countless children and adults lack even the most basic oral hygiene. Volunteers are needed to train people how to care for their teeth (brushing, flossing); hygienists and dentists are desperately needed to help with serious dental problems that cause pain and illness.

United Planet’s Volunteer Abroad program combines volunteering, language learning, cultural activities, and excursions to provide an incredibly fulfilling experience for volunteers and valuable support for communities in need.

Dental Programs

Short-term Quest (1-12 weeks):

Peru and Ghana

Group Quests:

Medical School, Universities, Hospitals, Youth Groups -- and more

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