Mexico Volunteer Quest

Volunteer in Mexico: 6 or 12 months

"This experience was absolutely incredible... and the people were so friendly. They were always smiling everyday even if it wasn't a good day for them... The country as a whole was absolutely gorgeous! I definitely plan on going back."

- Frances, United Planet volunteer

What makes a United Planet Long-term Quest unique?

United Planet’s Quest volunteer abroad programs are 100 % cultural immersion experiences. Long-term Quest volunteer opportunities begin in August and January of each year and areavailable to U.S. and Canadian residents of all ages and skill levels.

All Quests include:

  • Personalized attention and ongoing support from Coordinators
  • Extensive pre-departure training and in-country orientation
  • Local home stays or on-site lodging options

We have no doubt it will be life-changing and provide lasting memories. Read on for more detailed information about volunteer opportunities in Mexico.

Country Information

Mexico, with an estimated population of 109 million people, is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. Mexico is bursting with history to marvel at, beautiful coastlines to explore and is bustling with activity!  It is also one of the fastest growing industrial powers with vast cities boasting modern architecture to rival any in the world.  Despite being considered an emerging power, the uneven distribution of income, its political history and increased security issues still plague many of its citizens.  Mexico volunteers are welcome to work alongside the warm Mexican people in an attempt to improve the standard of living, one person and community at a time.

United Planet and the ICYE Federation

For six months to one year, you can experience a life-changing program in one of over 30 countries across the globe. United Planet is the U.S. and Canadian member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Federation , founded in 1949.  Through their vast network and 60 years of experience, United Planet and ICYE offer a wide range of programs for volunteers from around the world.

Who can apply?

Volunteers must be 18 years of age to volunteer in Bolivia. United Planet can send volunteers who are citizens of the United States and Canada or those who are currently living in the U.S. and Canada.  Citizens and residents of other countries must contact the ICYE partner in their home country. United Planet can send people from any country to our Short-term Quest locations for 1-12 week programs.  Some of our short-term volunteer placements can be extended for longer stays.  Please contact us for more information about volunteering with United Planet.

Volunteer Opportunities in Mexico: 6 or 12 Months

United Planet currently offers social volunteer opportunities in different locations as well as educational projects in partnership with local organizations in Mexico.

What's Included and Program Details

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        Please see the Long-term Prices and Details page for more information on what's included in your program fee.

Quest Program Briefs

Volunteer with children in Mexico

Education projects

Volunteers are involved in actively aiding children and young people to stay in school, providing care and creating social workshops. Activities include working in kindergartens or in schools as a teacher's assistant. Rural placements include educational projects which assist in the local development of the community.

Healthcare program in Mexico

Health projects

Volunteers assist in local hospitals, in mostly rural communities, where activities include vaccination campaigns, informational meetings about contraceptive methods, and proper health care. The aim is to reach remote or immobile individuals through aiding in the day to day running of mobile clinics.

Social projects in Mexico

Social projects

Volunteers help children from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds including abandoned street children, disabled children, children from troubled families, those who have suffered abuse, and orphans. Assist in fundraising, supervising play, developing activities and workshops to support families from some of the poorest communities.

cultural projects in Mexico

Cultural projects

Volunteers have opportunities to beinvolved in different kinds of work including museums, handicraft workshops and libraries. In addition, volunteers also have a chance to develop a special project related to the arts so it can be implemented in a region.

Volunteer Accommodations

Volunteers in Mexico live with host families or on-site at the work project. .

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Three Easy Steps to Apply

Questions about applying?

Call one of our friendly regional Quest coordinators today. We will walk you step-by-step through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1: Choose your Quest. Contact us at any time for help!  We'd love to talk to you. Email or call  1-800-292-2316.

Step 2: Enroll online. Please fill in the enrollment form. Then reserve your spot with a deposit (which will be credited toward your program fee).

Step 3: Meet your Quest coordinator and iron out the details. Once you've applied, your United Planet coordinator will contact you, and arrange a phone session to talk about your Quest of interest. THANKS!