Environmental Volunteer Quests

Volunteer Abroad Environmental Programs: 1-52 weeks

"My entire United Planet Quest experience in Ecuador was even better than anticipated. From the friendly staff at the UP offices, country coordinator and host family, to the volunteer placement and cultural activities, it's only enhanced my desire to return to a Quest sooner than later." 

--Karen Berry, United Planet Volunteer, Ecuador 2010

environmental program bookletEnvironmental Volunteering
In the developing world, environmental challenges often take a back seat to seemingly more pressing social and economic development issues -- but they are undoubtedly linked. Preserving the environment is necessary for improved quality of life and can even contribute to economic and social development. 

United Planet is committed to a variety of environmental awareness projects around the world. There are many opportunities for both short-term and long-term professional and non-professional volunteers to make a critical difference worldwide.



Environmental Volunteer Quest Locations

environmental Volunteers working in the woods

Conservation and Environmental Education

Conservation work includes maintaining trails and keeping an inventory of identified flora and fauna.  Environmental education initiatives in the local community include improving awareness of biodiversity and conservation methods.


Locations: Ecuador, Costa Rica

environmental volunteering  

Protecting Sea Turtles

United Planet works with partner organizations to protect endangered sea turtle populations all along Costa Rica’s coast.  Volunteers guard nests and assess the habitat for threats to sea turtle life, collect and relocate eggs, help construct hatcheries and educate tourists and the local community about the plight of these animals. 

Locations: Costa Rica

environmental volunteering  


Through ecotourism, Costa Rica is raising the standard of living of residents while protecting the environment. United Planet projects include reintroducing plants to deforested areas, farms that cultivate medicinal plants and animal rehabilitation centers. Ongoing research studies focus on animal health care, husbandry and biology.


Location: Costa Rica

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