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Meet Towsif, Global Health volunteer in Nepal

September 15, 2016
April Stone

   Towsif Aziz, a senior at University of North Carolina, Greensboro in pre-dental studies, returned in August 2016 from three weeks on a Global Health Quest to Nepal. “I met the most amazing people when in Nepal for three weeks on a Global Health Quest. The staff at Healthy Smiles—a dental clinic in Kathmandu, where I was in service—was fantastic!” Towsif Aziz, a volunteer with United Planet, shares how he was surprised that he felt at home as soon as he arrived in Nepal, both at the clinic where he worked and in his home stay. The fellows, doctors and patients he worked with daily, welcomed him as colleague. “I was never viewed as an outsider or a tourist, I was…

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Live simple…Love generously…Learn constantly

September 12, 2016

Susana Acosta, a teacher of the deaf at the California School for the Deaf in Freemont, California, returned from a short term Quest to Nepal in July 2016. Susie shares with friends of United Planet about her remarkable experience. As a teacher of the deaf in California for 16 years, I recently returned from a United Planet short term Quest to Nepal. I am grateful to team at United Planet who did excellent research to find me an ideal project–– placing me with the Disabled Service Association (DSA) in Nepal to teach deaf Nepalese children­­. The Deaf Nepalese students are resilient, compassionate, intelligent and unique. I felt challenged with the little resources available for them as far as visual materials (history…

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Excellence in Ecuador: Ivan Olivas Looks Back on His Quest

August 22, 2016
Billy LePage

Upon returning home to the U.S., United Planet volunteer Ivan Olivas felt overwhelmed by the wide roads and open spaces. After spending 8 days in Quito, Ecuador, Ivan became accustomed to the charming, narrow pathways and clustered buildings that line its picturesque city streets. Initial feelings of claustrophobia quickly melted into a sense of warmth, comfort and togetherness.  Gearing up for the approaching school year, Ivan looks fondly back on the memories and feelings unique to his time in the cozy city of Quito, Ecuador. Ivan’s journey began with an opportunity provided by Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). The institution offers a scholarship for first generation college students to volunteer abroad to foster cross-cultural immersion and understanding. Following an extensive application…

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Not Goodbye, Just “Vi Ses!”

August 9, 2016
Billy LePage

Taylor just recently returned from a year-long individual Quest to Copenhagen, Denmark. She stayed with a host family and spent her time teaching at a school in the Filipskolen community. Taylor chronicled her time abroad on her blog, A Writer’s Wanderlust. Enjoy her ode to a city that she loves and the cross-cultural relationships she formed there.    “Life might be difficult for a while, but I would tough it out because living in a foreign country is one of those things everyone should try at least once. My understanding was that it completed a person, sanding down the rough edges and transforming you into a citizen of the world” – David Sedaris Denmark I’m leaving a piece of me with you today; a large part…

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Seeds of Hope – Earthquake Relief in Ecuador

July 12, 2016
Billy LePage

At the heart of a small valley on the western coast of Ecuador is Rio Muchacho, an organization well-known for its resilience, innovation, and community building. In addition to functioning as an organic farm and eco-lodge, Rio Muchacho now stands as a symbol of hope and healing. Once a week, people from the surrounding area gather in this space to discuss their needs and organize restoration efforts. Over two months ago a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the coast of Ecuador, and afflicted communities have slowly begun rebuilding. With nearly 23 aftershocks, this powerful earthquake left three cities in ruins the morning of April 16, 2016. Ecuador mourns the loss of 661 and must support nearly 28,000 injured people. Dani, Rio…

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3 Amazing Reasons to Take a Gap Year Abroad

June 13, 2016
Alina Perkins

1. Form relationships with people you would NEVER have the chance to meet otherwise Taking a gap year abroad allows you to get immersed in the life of the local community and build meaningful relationships. Your Quest will be filled with opportunities to make new friends: they might be other volunteers from all over the world, local community members, the people running your volunteer project, or the community members you’re volunteering with. Your host family may turn into your second family and the country of your gap year may turn into your second home. Elizabeth Mulroy spent a life-changing year in Kenya working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. She was able to foster relationships with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Let’s take a glimpse at her blog:…

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