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Excellence in Ecuador: Ivan Olivas Looks Back on His Quest

August 22, 2016
Billy LePage

Upon returning home to the U.S., United Planet volunteer Ivan Olivas felt overwhelmed by the wide roads and open spaces. After spending 8 days in Quito, Ecuador, Ivan became accustomed to the charming, narrow pathways and clustered buildings that line its picturesque city streets. Initial feelings of claustrophobia quickly melted into a sense of warmth, comfort and togetherness.  Gearing up for the approaching school year, Ivan looks fondly back on the memories and feelings unique to his time in the cozy city of Quito, Ecuador. Ivan’s journey began with an opportunity provided by Eastern Kentucky University (EKU). The institution offers a scholarship for first generation college students to volunteer abroad to foster cross-cultural immersion and understanding. Following an extensive application…

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Elyse in San Jose, Costa Rica

What Can You Learn From Learning A Second Language?

August 15, 2013
L. Elyse Quattlebaum

Spanish is the second most common native language of the world, behind Mandarin. It is the predominant language of countries in Europe, Africa, the Pacific, and North, Central, and South America. It is so widely spoken that it is the second language used in official international communication. During my recent visit to Central America I learned how to be a primarily English-speaker in a Spanish-speaking environment. There are a few approaches to this situation that helped me to improve my Spanish and introduced me to opportunities that would not have been available to me otherwise. The most important strategy I learned is to speak Spanish even when you are not confident in your ability. Visiting a Spanish-speaking country is a…

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A Trip to Xela, Guatemala

July 9, 2009

Post written by Debbie, United Planet Volunteer Marlo was like a second mother to me in Guatemala. She was great in terms of scheduling activities to educate me about the food and culture of Xela, as well as informing me about which sights to visit to get the best experience possible. I was paired up with a great teacher at the school who was not only able to educate me in the Spanish language, but also about the history, politics and current situation of Guatemala. Marlo shared her personal experiences with me as well, and she is truly an inspiration. She is an amazing person who is dedicated to bettering the lives of people around her, and it is obvious…

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Cultural Diversity in Spain

July 25, 2008

Post written by Silvia Rodriguez, member of the United Planet Team It is wonderful to learn about cultural diversity in different countries, and also about the cultural differences in the same country! It is a first step to understanding one another, and helps to enrich our lives and to foster multicultural understanding. Today I would like to introduce you to the cultural diversity in my home country, Spain. I realized the importance of sharing it with other people when I discovered that there are people who do not know that there are difference languages in Spain. I think that a good way to explain it would be to make it visual. The following is a simple map of the many languages…

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Ecuador Explored

June 26, 2008

          From Nate in the UP Office On January 2nd 2008, I arrived in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where I would be spending the next five months of my life. I am going to be a senior at Boston College, and decided to spend the second semester of my Junior year studying abroad in Ecuador, a decision that changed my life. My program was coordinated through Boston College and combined a full semester of classes, trips, and volunteering with a local organization of our choice. Like most students who study abroad in Ecuador, I took classes at La Universidad de San Francisco de Quito, located in a valley called Cumabaya, a short bus ride outside…

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