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Meet Towsif, Global Health volunteer in Nepal

September 15, 2016
April Stone

   Towsif Aziz, a senior at University of North Carolina, Greensboro in pre-dental studies, returned in August 2016 from three weeks on a Global Health Quest to Nepal. “I met the most amazing people when in Nepal for three weeks on a Global Health Quest. The staff at Healthy Smiles—a dental clinic in Kathmandu, where I was in service—was fantastic!” Towsif Aziz, a volunteer with United Planet, shares how he was surprised that he felt at home as soon as he arrived in Nepal, both at the clinic where he worked and in his home stay. The fellows, doctors and patients he worked with daily, welcomed him as colleague. “I was never viewed as an outsider or a tourist, I was…

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Live simple…Love generously…Learn constantly

September 12, 2016

Susana Acosta, a teacher of the deaf at the California School for the Deaf in Freemont, California, returned from a short term Quest to Nepal in July 2016. Susie shares with friends of United Planet about her remarkable experience. As a teacher of the deaf in California for 16 years, I recently returned from a United Planet short term Quest to Nepal. I am grateful to team at United Planet who did excellent research to find me an ideal project–– placing me with the Disabled Service Association (DSA) in Nepal to teach deaf Nepalese children­­. The Deaf Nepalese students are resilient, compassionate, intelligent and unique. I felt challenged with the little resources available for them as far as visual materials (history…

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Meet Carli – Volunteer in Nepal

May 16, 2016
Alina Perkins

Since being exposed to women’s and gender studies early in her college career, Carli has pursued opportunities to put what she’s learned into practice. She came across a United Planet Quest in Nepal that involved living and working at a counseling center for young girls who were survivors of abuse. She saw this Quest as a great opportunity to get immersed in the day-to-day life of these girls and help them overcome the challenges they face. Having not traveled abroad much before, Carli liked that United Planet offered a very structured volunteer experience with a good support system. During her Quest to Nepal, Carli was stayed directly at the counseling center located about four miles South of Kathmandu, the capital…

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Meet Our Volunteers: Rachael

April 23, 2015
Erika Batiz

Continuing our series on profiling Quest enrollees, we’re excited to share Rachael’s story (if you missed Kaitlyn’s interview, you can see it here). Rachael is a young professional, currently working in a rape and domestic violence center in a rural area of West Virginia. This is her first time going abroad to volunteer, and she’ll be spending three weeks in Nepal on her Short-Term Quest. United Planet: How did you hear about United Planet? Rachael: “I was looking for volunteer opportunities on Google and when I found United Planet, I felt like this was a program where I could be comfortable. It seemed like a good fit.” UP: Which Quest are you doing, and why did you choose that one…

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5 Lessons You Learn While Volunteering Abroad

October 21, 2014

A recent initiative at United Planet is to encourage our volunteers and alumni to be ambassadors of their experience through our Campus Outreach Internship (COI) program. Alix Vadot is one such individual at McGill University who wanted to share her experience well-beyond her Short-term Quest to Nepal this summer. She applied to be a COI and is now a point person for those looking to go abroad and pursue a volunteer opportunity. The following is a piece Alix put together regarding her take-aways from volunteering, and how you can do the same after your journey. Students are always told that volunteering or interning abroad is a great experience that can add to both your personal perspective on life as well…

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Foods to Try While Travelling Abroad

Foods to Try When Traveling Abroad (PHOTOS)

May 21, 2014
Joy Cohen

As travel proverbs go, wherever you go, there you are. Well, you, a Starbucks, and a McDonald’s. Personally, as a self-proclaimed “travel junkie” and only slightly obsessed with trying new foods, I like to try a variety of dishes and eateries during my travels. From chocolate-covered termites in Peru, to my favorite Middle Eastern street food, lamb shawarma, to Croque Madame Muffins in Paris, I have most certainly tried numerous dishes, but there is plenty more to be discovered. Here you will find the top foods that you should add to your itinerary. Belgium  If you are traveling to the country that claims to have invented fries (or chips, depending on where you are from) you should try moules frites, because…

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