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Why United Planet is Different

May 21, 2015

Holly Hornbeck is our Campus Outreach Intern at Bowdoin College and a previous United Planet volunteer. Below, she shares her United Planet journey – and what, in her eyes, set it apart from other programs she’s done. I went on my first volunteer abroad trip the summer after my junior year in high school: the United Planet China Summer Quest. Considering this was my first trip, my family and friends were confused by my decision to go to a place so far away, with a language I didn’t speak and a culture with which I wasn’t very familiar. Since then I’ve also had experiences with other volunteer abroad programs, but I can confidently say that my experience with United Planet will remain…

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Happy 12th Birthday China Summer!!!

May 29, 2012

For the past 11 summers, volunteers from all different walks of life have traveled to China to participate in the China Summer Teaching Program. Participants in the program work with roughly 150 rural Chinese students to provide educational opportunities to these students and strengthen environmental awareness.

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More Than Just Community Service: University of Idaho sends students and faculty to Costa Rica

February 28, 2012

For the past few years, the University of Idaho has sent  groups of students on United Planet quests. Gordon, one of the advisers on the trip, shares a little with us about his experience in Costa Rica this past winter. “It doesn’t have to be just physical labor – and it shouldn’t be- to get a cultural experience.” Gordon, a faculty member at University of Idaho, decided to volunteer his time and partake in the school’s Alternate Service Break and was given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for ten days with a group of 13 students. Every year the University of Idaho sends groups of students to volunteer on various projects across the globe. This year they sent groups…

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University of New England Group Trip to Guatemala

February 2, 2012

Country: Guatemala     City:  Quetzaltenango      Project: Healthcare Duration: 10 Days    Group: New England Medical Missions Club “When you see a team of people working together it is far superior to an individual; you can accomplish a lot!” – Steve, Spanish professor at University of New England The University of New England sent a group of students to Guatemala to volunteer in an orphanage. We were able to catch up with a student, Kate LeGrand, and Spanish professor, Steve, to get their thoughts and experiences. In January of 2012, The New England Medical Missions Club sent a group of students from the University of New England to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala for ten days. They worked in an orphanage and in schools…

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Emerging Youth Leaders-Mongolian Students & Teachers visit Boston

November 8, 2011

We were delighted to welcome the group of Mongolian high school students and teachers to Boston this past month–they brought amazing energy and enthusiasm into our city, our office, and the homes of 14 lucky host families. Now they’re continuing the program in Washington D.C.–their smiles and flashing cameras will be missed! Lots more photos on Flickr. Last Tuesday we hosted a celebratory event for this wonderful exchange program.  It was held at the Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, in the charming South End neighborhood of Boston.  The program was arranged so that we could all hear more about the program and the exciting experiences the group has had. First we heard from Dave Santulli, executive director of United…

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Lovely lovely video from group of nursing students in Ecuador

October 11, 2011

Fabulous group of nursing students in Quito, Ecuador made this wonderful video. Enjoy!

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