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Susana Acosta, a teacher of the deaf at the California School for the Deaf in Freemont, California, returned from a short term Quest to Nepal in July 2016. Susie shares with friends of United Planet about her remarkable experience.

As a teacher of the deaf in California for 16 years, I recently returned from a United Planet short term Quest to Nepal. I am grateful to team at United Planet who did excellent research to find me an ideal project–– placing me with the Disabled Service Association (DSA) in Nepal to teach deaf Nepalese children­­.

The Deaf Nepalese students are resilient, compassionate, intelligent and unique. I felt challenged with the little resources available for them as far as visual materials (history timeline, maps, biographies) and the lack of access to the internet. In spite of limited resources, the student are determined to continue their learning and to discover new sources of knowledge.

So often you find that students you are trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you.

downtime with Deaf Nepalese girls having.jpgmy Deaf students show their pride about plant project

They are also natural quick learners! While we communicated differently as I use American Sign Language (ASL) and they use Nepalese Sign Language (NSL), they remarkably mastered to learn ASL quickly because they are educated to learn three languages: Nepalese, English, and Nepalese Sign Language. As time progressed, I learned to use NSL to communicate with them.

As a Deaf role model and teacher for the DeafNepalese students, I believe they are inspired to know they can succeed after they complete their education. If I ever think of doing volunteering again during my next summer break, I will definitely come back to work with the DSA.

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