Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Abroad

United Planet women’s empowerment volunteer abroad Quests allow volunteers to work one-on-one with women in shelters, counseling centers, and clinics. Volunteers will spend time with the women to build strong relationships, learn and teach, and contribute to creating an environment in which women will help themselves out of unhealthy circumstances and direct their own futures.

In many communities, women and girls still lack sufficient access to education, employment opportunities, and proper healthcare. Women’s empowerment and vocational training programs offer sustainable solutions, giving women the resources they need to gain social and economic independence. Work with United Planet to live, share, and collaborate, and discover your common goals with women around the world.

Women's Empowerment Volunteer Abroad

Why volunteer abroad with United Planet?

United Planet Quests are designed to be immersive, authentic, comprehensive and provide you everything you’ll need to succeed. The program elements allow you to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourself. Most importantly, we keep the community need in mind to ensure your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

  • We are a mission-focused, non-profit organization
    We are all about service, making a difference, building a global community.
  • Our programs emphasize authenticity
    Get outside your bubble, jump into a real experience, become a global citizen.
  • We provide everything you need to succeed
    Classes, in-country travel, home stays, meals, work –we are your cultural bridge.
  • Your safety is our most important concern
    From one-on-one assistance before you travel to experienced staff in country, everything is done to ensure your safety and wellbeing.
  • (your journey here)
    Your Quest is personalized to provide the opportunity for genuine, meaningful personal growth.
  • What we do is meaningful
    Your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

Current Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

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Women’s Shelter in Peru

Volunteers work at a home for teenage mothers and their children. The women work on-site, take classes, learn trades, and receive psychological counseling and healthcare. The goal is to break the cycle of violence by giving the these women self-confidence and skills for better jobs. Intermediate Spanish requiredLearn more about volunteering in Peru.

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Women’s Shelter in Chile

Volunteers work with the children of women who live at a women’s shelter in Santiago. Organize games and activities for the children and help with daily tasks around the shelter. Volunteers who choose this Quest will have minimal contact with the mothers who are living in the shelter. Basic Spanish required. Learn more about volunteering in Chile.

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Counseling Center in Nepal

Volunteers work at a women-run counseling center for victims of abuse. Live at the center and help take care of the girls, giving them love and attention and helping them with homework. Experienced volunteers may have the option of assisting with community workshops to educate local communities about many topics, from parenting to the effects of abuse. Learn more about volunteering in Nepal.

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Women’s Clinic in Ecuador

Volunteers work at a state-run women’s clinic in Quito under the the supervision of a local medical professional. The clinic offers various departments, such as gynecology, neonatology, general surgery, and more. Volunteer tasks will vary depending on length of stay and skill set of the volunteer, but the primary task will be observation. Basic Spanish requiredLearn more about volunteering in Ecuador.

Madeline H.
This center is a truly an amazing organization that works on a subject that most people in the world do not acknowledge. I am overjoyed that this center exists – it tremendously benefits all of its young clients, whether they realize it right now or not. Almost all of the staff members that I have worked with exhibit extreme dedication and knowledge in this field.
Madeline H. women's empowerment volunteer in Nepal

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