Visas and Flights

Since United Planet sends volunteers from many countries around the world, it's the responsibility of the volunteer to obtain a visa (if necessary).

  • U.S. citizens can visit the website of the U.S. State Department to learn more about foreign entry requirements.
  • If you're a citizen of another country, please contact your destination country's embassy in your home country or your government website.
  • If you need a letter from United Planet to verify your participation in our program, please e-mail us with this request and we will be happy to provide one.

All volunteers need a passport to travel abroad. 

  • If you are a U.S. citizen and need assistance obtaining a passport or visa for your destination country, we recommend utilizing G3 Visas & Passports, Inc. -- -- for professional and swift assistance.
  • U.S. citizens traveling on short-term Quests (1-12 weeks) can usually travel on a tourist visa.  There are a few countries where visas are required for short stays. 
  • All volunteers on long-term Quests (6-12 months) will have to obtain a visa, depending on the regulations of the destination country. This information will be provided by the Quest Coordinators as part of your pre-departure process.

United Planet Coordinators can answer your questions about what countries require visas.

International Flights

Volunteers must arrange their own flights to their destination country once they have been accepted into the program and their dates have been confirmed by their Program Coordinator. Because situations in our host countries can change, and to prepare for the possibility of sickness or another delay for a Quest, we recommend that our volunteers purchase changeable tickets and/or trip insurance should the Quest need to be delayed or canceled.

Whatever you do, we recommend purchasing your flight over the phone so you can be sure that it is either refundable or has a small fee ($50 or less) for changes made to your itinerary. Normal flight purchases made online often incur fees of $200+ for any change.

Places to search for and find good information on flights

  • Students can get discounted rates on flights through and travelers 18-24 can also purchase flights through STA Travel, which has office locations as well as online purchasing.
  • Volunteers will be provided with information on a travel agency that works with international volunteers to secure low-cost fares after their confirmation with United Planet
  • IACE - Travel agency with extensive experience in Asia, particularly Japan.
  • – A large aggregator that pulls flights from many sites, allows you to sort by preference (date, price, time, etc.), and will send notices when prices rise or drop.
  •,, – Traditional online travel companies
  • Travel Agent – The advantage of going through a travel agent is that they can help you find refundable fares and advise you further.