Age is no limit!

Volunteering abroad is not just for students. Retired and older folks find their wisdom and experience are welcome.

Millions of Americans over 55 volunteer abroad

“I was ‘one drop’ hoping to make a difference through my volunteer work. What I got back was ‘an ocean’! I have never learned or experienced so much in such a short time! The 12 weeks went by much too quickly. I’m so sad my Quest is over but at the same time I am thankful that I was able to participate in your program at aged 63!”
--Eva Kupfer, Short Term Quest Volunteer

An estimated 1,000,000 Americans volunteer abroad every year. Nearly half of these are over 45. Why is this happening in such amazing numbers?
Part of the answer is simply that Americans are staying healthy, productive, and active longer. They are finding themselves with the time, energy, enthusiasm and motivation to serve communities, at home and abroad.
Another part is that volunteering abroad brings enormous benefits to both the communities, and to the volunteers themselves. Older volunteers bring experience, wisdom, and maturity that young people cannot; and they get immediate respect in their communities overseas.
And the benefits to volunteers are immense. Studies show that volunteering gives you a renewed sense of purpose and direction, creates stronger social connections and makes you happier and healthier – not just mentally, but physically. In fact, one study shows a longer life expectancy associated with volunteering than even exercising or attending regular religious service. 

What can you do on a volunteer program? You name it: work with orphans and street children, in schools and hospitals, in fragile ecosystems and with endangered species.

United Planet tailors the project to fit with the greater range of skills and experiences that older volunteers bring. And of course, we’ll also address special needs or physical considerations, and find the best placement.
We'd love to tell you more about the amazing opportunities all over the world! You're needed -- now more than ever!

United Planet's Volunteer Abroad Quest Program

United Planet will tailor a trip just for you. You can volunteer for one week, or for a whole year -- or anywhere in between. You can choose any one of 40 countries. You can choose the project of your choice -- from teaching to environmental conservation to women's empowerment -- and more!

We will work with you to make it happen! Email or call 1-800-292-2316

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