Volunteer Stories in Women's Empowerment Projects

United Planet volunteers talk about what it's really like to live and work in another country.
international volunteer helping women

Jecenta Dee Baring, 26. Peru: Social Work ( 9 weeks)

"This entire trip was an amazing experience for me! I look forward to hopefully doing another quest with United Planet in the future..."


international volunteer with women

Anna Edington, 21. Guatemala: Women’s Empowerment (8 weeks)

"I had Spanish classes about three times a week with a great teacher who taught me so much and was also my friend. I worked at the women's shelter, just a ten to fifteen minute walk away, in the mornings, where I met some very lovable children."


volunteer abroad with women's empowerment

Catherine Brown, 26. Guatemala: Women’s Empowerment (4 weeks)

"Marlo is like a mother to the volunteers. She's very easy to talk to and is a valuable resource while in Guatemala. You will leave her feeling like family.

I loved the eagerness she showed for the volunteers to experience Guatemala. At the end of my time in Xela, she asked me if I had done everything I wanted to do. I had done everything, and much, much more."


volunteer abroad with women and children

Laine Anderson, 21. Guatemala: Women’s Empowerment (5 weeks)

"I had an absolutely amazing time in Guatemala! My host family was so nice, and I was very sad to leave after five weeks. My host mom sometimes gave tours of Salcaja on the weekends, and would suggest fun things to do in the area and come with me. I loved the school where I studied Spanish, as well."


volunteer in Latin America

Valerie Kaye, 41. Guatemala: Women’s Empowerment (2 weeks)

"It's so hard to put my experience into works, except to say that it was life-changing. Overall, it was something I will never forget! If you go to my blog, there is a lot more details and you can read about my day-to-day experiences."


volunteer abroad with women

Madeline Hale, 20. Nepal: Women’s Empowerment (3 weeks)

"I could not believe how nice and caring my coordinator was. I felt like I was visiting family. I really enjoyed the total experience: living in a country that was unfamiliar and learning about the culture, working with children that needed extra love, experiencing a different way of life." 


Alyson Lynch, 22. Peru: Women's Empowerment (8 weeks)

"The volunteer work was satisfying. It was challenging, but that was what I wanted; to be challenged and to experience another culture while making a difference to someone in need."