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Volunteer in Chile

"My United Planet Quest to Chile was wonderful. I arrived in Santiago, nervous but very excited to get to know a different culture and to help the people there in the process... We really could, very easily, change the lives of a lot of people in a short span of time. I left feeling inspired and looking forward to what the future would bring, knowing what was possible."

-- Jessica Pierce, United Planet volunteer in Chile

What makes a United Planet Short-term Quest unique?

United Planet’s Quest volunteer abroad programs are 100% cultural immersion experiences. United Planet Quest programs run year-round and are available to individuals and groups of all ages, skill levels and nationalities.  We have no doubt it will be life-changing and provide lasting memories. Read on for more detailed information about volunteer opportunities in Chile.

All Quests include:

  • Flexible start dates and lengths of stay (2-12 weeks)
  • Personalized attention from Coordinators
  • Local home stays or on-site lodging options
  • Exciting excursions, cultural activities and/or language lessons

Country Information

Chile is one of Latin America's most stable democracies. The country is known for its striking, extreme landscapes: the Atacama Desert, known as the world’s driest desert, the Andes Mountains, over 3000 miles of coastlines, and the undiscovered region of Patagonia. Chileans lovingly refer to their country as “The Land of Poets”: Nobel Prize-winning poets Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral are a source of national pride. Many Chileans have European heritage; the indigenous Mapuche of the South and Aymara of the North are significant minorities. About one third of Chileans live in greater Santiago and enjoy a lifestyle and diet similar to the Mediterranean region.

Chile may possess one of the strongest economies of the Americas, but not all residents have benefited from recent growth. In the mid-1990s, the government began addressing uneven income distribution but is yet to fully eradicate extreme poverty. Providing all citizens with adequate housing and improving education are necessary for Chile to achieve full social equality for its citizens.

Chile Country Coordinator Paul


Volunteer Opportunities in Chile: 2 - 12 Weeks

United Planet currently offers many volunteering opportunities in different climates and locations in partnership with local organizations in Chile.

What's Included and Program Details

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Chile Start Dates & Details

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Sample Chile Itinerary


  •   Exciting Excursions such as a trip up into the Andes Mountains and Opportunity for a wine tour and tasting of local Chilean wines.

Internships in Chile now available!  Read more.

Quest Program Briefs

Summer 2014 Opportunities:
Check out our Summer Quest for high school students
All of the ongoing opportunities below are great summer options for volunteers 18+.

Ongoing Opportunities:

teaching in Chile

English Teaching Quest
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Volunteers Needed: March - November, except vacations in July
Requirements: At least 19 years old, no Spanish is required
Volunteers work as English teaching assistants with local English teachers in government subsidized schools in  the vibrant city of Santiago. A recently stated goal of the Chilean government is that Chile must become a fully bilingual country. English teaching assistants will work closely with Chilean English teachers, developing lesson plans, providing small group tutoring and correcting tests. They may also read aloud and sing songs in class with the younger students and talk about their own experiences. 

A Highlight for many volunteers is the possibility to give CAP (Cultural Awareness Project) talks to students. You would prepare a presentation about yourself, your home community and culture. This is a very challenging project  where you will be speaking in public to students and  leading classroom discussions. Through your CAP presentations you will have the opportunity to learn more about Chile and its culture, in addition to teaching
Chilean students about your own culture.
Volunteer with children in Chile
Day Care Quest
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Volunteers Needed: Year round, except vacations in February
Requirements: At least 19 years old, Basic Spanish is required
Volunteers work in small day care centers located around Santiago with children ranging from three months to five years old.  Volunteers may help participate in daily activities including: game playing, storytelling, drawing and riding tricycles; and use didactic learning materials. This Quest is offered year-round except February.

volunteering in Chile


Physical Rehabilitation Center Quest
Minimum Stay: 1 week
Volunteers Needed: Year Round, except vacations in February
Requirements: At least 19 years old, 
 Proficiency in Spanish, Maximum of 2 days per week at Facility.
Volunteer at a modern rehabilitation center in the capital city of Santiago and help improve patients’ lives!  The facility provides care to  young children and teenagers with physical disabilities. To be involved in this Quest you don’t need specific qualifications, but volunteers do need to be motivated and have a strong interest in health care. Volunteers will help as facilitators and organize recreational activities for the patients while having the opportunity to learn about  specific  patient areas as they move from one area to another. This project offers is a unique opportunity to learn about physical rehabilitation in a different country.  Please note that the primary task for students is observation. Volunteer tasks will vary depending on the volunteer’s level of medical expertise and Spanish ability.
Health Care Quest
Mininimum Stay: 2 Weeks
Requirements: At least 19 years old, Proficiency in Spanish
Volunteers will work at a medical facility for terminally ill and elderly patients. Volunteers observe and assist medical staff. As a volunteer you will listen, converse and provide hygiene assistance to the patients. This is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding Quest experience.
volunteer in Chile
Women's Shelter Quest
Minimum Stay: 2 weeks
Volunteers Needed: January, February, end of July, beginning of December
Requirements: At least 19 years old, Basic Spanish 
This Quest is open in January, February, the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of December. Volunteers work with women's children in the shelter, taking care of them and helping with daily tasks around the shelter.


Three Easy Steps to Apply

Questions about enrollment?

Call one of our friendly regional Quest coordinators today. We will walk you step-by-step through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1: Choose your Quest. Contact us at any time for help!  We'd love to talk to you. Email or call  1-800-292-2316.

Step 2: Enroll online. Please fill in the enrollment form. Then reserve your spot with a deposit (which will be credited toward your program fee).

Step 3: Meet your Quest coordinator and iron out the details. Once you've applied, your United Planet coordinator will contact you, and arrange a phone session to talk about your Quest of interest. THANKS!