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Volunteer in Germany

Germany, a global leader and founding member of the European Union, is home to a culture like no other. Yearly traditions like visits from St. Nikolaus, Silvester (New Year’s), and Karneval will spark your creative spirit. From the Gothic inspired Heidelberg Castle to the modern Sony Center in Berlin, Germany is also abuzz with awe-inspiring architecture. As a volunteer here, you can visit nine surrounding countries all with your German visa thanks to a shared border agreement. Weather in Germany is chilly and rainy for much of the year, perhaps this is why Germany is home to so many influential philosophers, artists, musicians and scientists.

As a volunteer in Germany, you will be hosted by ICJA, ICYE’s German partner organization. ICJA began as a reconciliation effort after World War II, and has continued as a way to foster volunteerism and public service. ICJA sends more than 300 German volunteers abroad every year, and they welcome 70 incoming international volunteers.

German woman cooks meat at the Cologne Christmas Market

Due to visa regulations, we can only accept Germany volunteers for one-year commitments.

Please note that programs in Europe fill up very quickly. We recommend enrolling well before the enrollment deadline to ensure that Germany still has space available.

Project Information

Working with Children

Volunteers work with children in kindergartens, day care centers or nurseries. It is a great opportunity to practice German! Possible tasks may include creating activities or games for the children in addition to playing with and caring for them. This type of project also offers the chance to experience many religious and cultural events.

Working with the Disabled

Volunteers will work with physically and mentally disabled children. The center works with its members, empowering them by helping them become more self-sufficient and organizing activities for them that involve the local community. Volunteer tasks may include taking care of the children, washing and feeding them, cleaning, playing with them and other activities.

Working with the Elderly

Volunteers provide the elderly with company, a listening ear and assistance with getting around to do various daily activities. This project gives volunteers the chance to experience German culture from those who know it the best.

Social Work

Volunteers assist in a local organization that works with youth who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This project aims to provide their inhabitants with family-like surroundings, close contacts, as well as to advance their development and sense of security. Volunteers normally learn about and assist in various types of classes as well as assisting the residents with daily activities.

Country Highlights

Explore Germany’s historic buildings and beautiful architecture

From the Gothic-inspired Heidelberg Castle to the modern Sony Center in Berlin, Germany has a surplus of architectural wonders for you to explore during your time in the country.

Take a day trip and tour the city of Berlin

Travel to the historic Berlin Wall which divided the city of Berlin for almost 30 years or visit the hub of German Parliament, the Reichstag building. There are countless things to do and explore in this great city.

Experience Germany’s unique cultural events

Whether it’s Oktoberfest in the fall or Carnival in the Spring, there are numerous cultural events for you to take part in during your time in Germany. There are multiple other (a little more subdued!) activities to participate in as well, such as book fairs, festivals, or outdoor summer cinema events.

Live like royalty at the Neuschwanstein Castle

Most widely known as the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, Neuschwanstein is one of the most popular castles in Europe. This nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace sits on a rugged hill above the German village of Hohenschwangau.

Quest Fees and Details

United Planet Quests are designed to be immersive, authentic, comprehensive and provide you everything you’ll need to succeed. The program elements allow you to engage fully with a new culture, forge strong relationships, and challenge yourself. Most importantly, we partner with the community to ensure your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve.

Included in Your Quest

  • Extensive pre-departure preparation, including a training weekend in New Hampshire with United Planet staff
  • Food and lodging in your host country
  • Airport transfers
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • In-country orientation upon arrival and ongoing support and supervision throughout your Quest
  • Language training
  • Mid-year camp (for 1 year volunteers) and final camp
  • Monthly stipend for incidental expenses


  • 18 – 26 years old (age requirement is flexible)
  • Citizen or resident of the United States or Canada

Start Dates and Travel

  • Long-term Quests begin twice a year, in January and August.
  • Due to visa regulations, we can only accept volunteers for one year commitments in Germany.
  • Volunteers are responsible for booking and covering the cost of their own flights, both to the training weekend in New Hampshire and to and from their host country.
  • Volunteers will obtain the necessary visas with support from our Long-Term staff to volunteer in their host country.

Quest Fee and Deadlines

 Start Date  6 month fee  1 year fee  Early Bird Deposit Deadline  Regular Deposit Deadline
August 2016 $13,495 Monday, December 14, 2015 Friday, January 22, 2016
January 2017 $13,495 Friday, August 12, 2016 Friday, September 16, 2016
Enroll by the Early Bird Deadline and take $300 off your Quest fee.
About Our Quest Fee

We want you to succeed. That means having in place the support our volunteers need. We don’t just drop you in country and hope for the best. We provide training before you leave … language exposure … 24/7 in-country support … support for your host family … accommodations, meals and airport transportation … activities and excursions. The whole idea is to make the experience successful and productive for you and the host community, and we have found that these things are crucial. Remember that we are a non-profit, mission-driven organization – we wouldn’t spend money on something that wasn’t important.

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