Volunteer Abroad Scholarships and Grants

Amercia's Unofficial Ambassadors Mosaic Scholarship Program

The AUA Mosaic Scholarship is a program that is increasing the number of Unofficial Ambassadors to the Muslim World who represent America in all its diversity. The program provides scholarships to support Americans volunteering with an AUA Directory-listed organization in a Muslim-majority country. Scholarships up to $5,000 can be used to cover program fees and/or travel.

Who Can Apply?

Creative Learning welcomes applications from American citizens who plan to volunteer for a week to a year in a Muslim-majority country. Successful applicants will convey their commitment and capacity to build people-to-people partnerships through volunteer service. Successful candidates will also have superior oral and written communication skills, demonstrating their ability to write or film captivating blog posts and give engaging public presentations about their volunteer experience.

Volunteers For Prosperity (VFPServ)

VFPServ provides grants to assist skilled Americans wanting to volunteer abroad. VFPServ grants (ranging from $500 to $1000) are individual, non-renewable and are designated to offset travel, insurance and local living costs of short-term international volunteer assignments. Successful candidates are current working professionals and will be volunteering abroad in a project within their professional field.

University Funds and Scholarships

Your university or college may be the best place to start looking for scholarships to help you realize your dream of volunteering abroad. Get in touch with the International Office on your campus and tell them your plans - they may offer stipends, grants or scholarships to help you raise your Quest fee.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Employers often offer a matching program which can be a great resouce for employees wishing to dedicated their vacation to volunteer work. Inquire at work to see if your company provides this service.

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