United Planet Day: Sharing a Moment in Time

Join us to celebrate on September 22, 2014

United Planet Day to celebrate cross cultural understandingThe Fall Equinox is the only time of the year when the middle of the sun is positioned above and below horizon—shining on every location on Earth for an equal amount of time. This once a year occurrence represents United Planet's mission of fostering mutual understanding, improving the quality of life for everyone, and creating harmony among the people of the world. 

Each year, United Planet celebrates this special day in several ways.  This year, we are hosting two exciting contests, please see below for more details:



United Planet Day Photo & Video Contest

To celebrate United Planet Day, we hold a photo and video contest every year to seek visual submissions that exemplify our mission from all world community members and friends.  View the winners of the 2013 contest here!

Stay tuned for details about our 2014 contest!

United Planet Global Action Award

The United Planet Global Action Award recognizes each United Planet Alumnus who organizes an exciting and meaningful event to promote service and/or cross-cultural understanding.  Each alumnus who organizes an event will win a donation to his or her Quest country fund and will be featured on the United Planet blog. 

Stay tuned for details about the 2014 Global Action Awards!