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Volunteer Quests Offer Adventure, Service, Excursions, Immersion

What is a Volunteer Quest?

It's a chance for travelers to see what it's really like to work and live in a community -- and to have an impact on a community in need. 

A Volunteer Quest is about so much more than a sterile hotel room and a luxury bus. It's about giving of oneself, learning about the lives of others, and getting back a huge amount in return.

People all over the world are finding the biggest adventure they've ever had is living and working in local, sustainable, wonderful projects that provide real help.

What Does United Planet Offer Agents?

United Planet believes in quality over quantity.  We work only with the best agents in the country who understand our mission and care about the communities which we serve overseas.  In exchange, United Planet offers exclusive representation.  If chosen as an agent, you will be the only agent in your region to represent United Planet.  United Planet will offer you extensive training opportunities and incentives, including the privilege for free travel and the opportunity to participate in programs at cost for life.  United Planet will also give you some of the most competitive commissions in the field today.  We believe deeply in our mission and we wish to find capable like-minded agents to help us recruit more volunteer travelers to learn about and contribute to the world in which they travel.

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What Does a Volunteer Quest Involve?

  • The traveler chooses how long to stay (1 - 12 weeks).
  • The traveler chooses which country: Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Tanzania, USA
  • The traveler chooses the project: Work with orphans and street children; teach English; contribute to environmental preservation; and more!
  • The traveler chooses the type of accommodation: We encourage everyone to enjoy the type of connection that is only possible in a home stay; but we also offer the opportunity to stay in a hotel, a hostel, or a guest house.

market in QuitoBut the trip isn't all work! The traveler also takes part in wonderful cultural activities (such as salsa dance lessons, language class, cooking class); and goes on excursions to significant sites (such as Petra, Machu Picchu, Dracula's Castle).

And the traveler can add on major excursions (such as The Galapagos, Inca Trail, Crocodile Park, and more!).

We invite individuals to take part in: Short-term Quests  or groups to take part in customized Group Quests.

"I don't believe international travel should be about seeing the sights while your tour group is herded around like cattle. Living and laughing with a local family while almost experiencing what the locals experience is the only way to travel. We look forward to showing pictures, but what we really enjoy is sharing what we learned, what we talked about, telling all the wonderful stories. Travel for us is about making friends that we'll stay in touch with - and the Quest succeeded."

--Mrs. and Mr. Noke, a retired couple who volunteered in Chile

Flyers for Agents and Travelersvolunteer w animals in Peru

Program Costs

United Planet program feesCost depends on location of the project, and duration. Cost per volunteer starts at $1985.

This fee includes the following:

  • Accommodations/Meals
    (Please note that prices listed are for home stays; we can arrange for hotels or hostels and restaurants, but the price will change.)
  • Excursions
  • Cultural activities (such as dancing or cooking classes)
  • Optional excursions and activities as requested
  • Full orientation upon arrival by United Planet in-country coordinator
  • Full Coordination on the ground by United Planet in-country coordinator
  • Round-trip airport transfers
  • Language lessons (in some destinations)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Extensive pre-departure training from United Planet Quest Team

Special Volunteer Vacation Packages

The traveler spends at least a week volunteering in the project, and enjoying the regular activities and excursions. Then she or he has the option to add on special excursions afterwards.
Machu Picchu Volunteer Vacation

Peru Package

1 week Volunteering (Includes Machu Picchu Excursion)
Plus 4-Day Inca Trail Excursion - Total $1755

Traveler lives in Cusco, and works in a social project (such as an orphanage) for a week. Then heads out to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail Excursion.

The Inca Trail, the best-known and most popular hike in all of South America, is surrounded by magnificent landscape, spanning across the Andes mountain range and sections of the Amazon rainforest. Read more about the excursion.

Galapagos United Planet excursion

Ecuador Package

1 Week Volunteering (Includes Excursion to Equator Museum (Mitad del Mundo) and Tour of Old Town)
Plus 5-Day Galapagos Excursion (including airfare)
Total $2910

Traveler may live in Quito and work on a social project (such as a center for street kids). (Traveler may opt to stay in the cloud forest doing environmental work, but only with a minimum of ten days, at a slightly higher cost.)

Then heads to the Galapagos islands, famous for wide array of wildlife. The islands and surrounding waters form an Ecuadorian province, a national park, and a biological marine reserve all in one. Read more about the excursion.

Crocodiles from the Paga Crocodile Far,

Ghana Package

2 Weeks Volunteering
Plus 5-Day Crocodile Excursion - Total $2365

Traveler lives in a village and works in a social project (such as a school). Excursions included.

Then heads out to Mole National Park, situated in the heart of the pristine Guinea Savannah Woodland ecosystem. The park features a wide range of wildlife, including 93 species of mammals (elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and more), 344 of birds, and 33 of reptiles. Paga Crocodile Farm is filled with some of the biggest, and tamest, crocodiles in the world. Read more about this excursion.

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