People and Projects in Country

United Planet Volunteers Have a Positive Impact on Communities
volunteer in Ecuador with street kids

Center for street kids in Ecuador

The center embraces the kids and aims to provide programs that will help them in the long run: helping them with academics (homework if they’re in school); teaching them about hygiene, sexual precautions, nutrition; coaching them on living with others; engaging them in group games that include sharing and good values.

volunteer in Nepal

Teaching in Nepal

The school was founded by a local visionary named Uttam Sanjel, who is working hard to provide a decent, affordable education to poverty-stricken children throughout Nepal.


volunteer in Romania

Orphanage in Romania

Located in a mountainous, remote area, the facility provides services to orphaned and abandoned children; some elderly; and some disabled adults.

volunteer with animals

Animal Sanctuary in Cusco

Founded in 2007, the sanctuary houses and rehabilitates endangered and abused animals.

volunteer in Peru

Center for abused women and their children in Cusco, Peru

This women's shelter gives young mothers, who are victimes of physical and sexual abuse, the opportunity to live in a safe environment where they can take care of thier children and become self-sufficient. 

volunteer with orphans in Ecuador

Daycare center for disadvantaged families in Quito

This daycare center strives to better educate and develop children in a poor community. 

volunteer orphans Nepal

Orphanage in Nepal

Many children living in the orphanage have been abandoned by their parents and handed over to the orphanage by authorities. The orphanage normally houses 40-50 children from infants to early teenagers and they have 10 staff members.