Partners in Building a More United Planet

United Planet is proud to join with organizations all over the world in the effort to serve, unite, and forge lasting bonds.

United Planet is an official Certifying Organization of the President's Volunteer Service Awards. The President's Volunteer Service Award program recognizes Americans who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service. Established in 2003, the award was created by President George W. Bush to recognize individuals, families and groups who meet set requirements for volunteer service.

United Planet partnered with the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to implement an exchange of students and teachers between public schools in Boston, MA and Mongolia. The State Department fully funded the Emerging Youth Leaders Program, providing training and exchanges for high school teachers and students around the theme of free expression in a civil society.

United Planet is a proud founding member of the Building Bridges Coalition (BBC). The BBC is a consortium of leading organizations working collaboratively to promote the field of international volunteering, and is comprised of international volunteer organizations, corporations, universities and colleges, government agencies, policy makers and other stakeholders. Read more about their mission, aims, and how you can get involved.

United Planet is the proud US and Canadian partner within the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) Federation, the oldest long-term volunteering federation in the world. With over 50 years of experience, the ICYE Federation has a proven track record and upholds the highest standards for excellence in serving both the volunteers and the communities involved.

The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) has provided funding for United Planet to launch the J-Initiative, J-Center Volunteer Leaders Program, which will allow underserved youth within Japan and America to foster cross-cultural cooperation and civic leadership through an innovative, sustainable voluntary exchange program.
United Planet is proud to partner with the International Education and Resource Network iEARN USA) to implement an exchange of students and teachers between public schools in Boston, MA and Mongolia.
United Planet and Flagstone Reinsurance Company have partnered several times to send groups of employees to various countries to provide vital services. In 2011, a group travelled to an orphanage in Romania.

United Planet is a proud steering committee member of the Brookings Initiative on International Volunteering and Service. The Committee's goal is to foster a culture of international volunteerism to enhance global understanding and security. The initiative has an ambitious goal to double the number of Americans that volunteer overseas every year. The Brookings Institution is a private, nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions.

1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

The Timberland clothing company awarded United Planet a grant to help fund an innovative special project in Guatemala to improve the lives of battered women and their children through the development of a sustainable business in their community. Click here for more information

Ecover, a Belgian manufacturer of ecological cleaning products, was established in 1980 and stands today as the world leader in ecological cleaning products. Its unique approach encompasses sustainability; all its products offer advantages that benefit humans, animals and the environment.

United Planet is part of the "Mudd Girls Move the World" campaign in which young women are given a "call to action" to get involved in their own communities and start a network of service to inspire others. One of only six Mudd Girls worldwide, Jessica selected United Planet as her charity of choice as an organization sharing her dream to build good will among people and help everyone achieve the best possible quality of life.

The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research is the world's largest interdisciplinary network for students and professionals working in the field of intercultural communication. The main purpose is to encourage and support the development and application of values, knowledge and skills that promote and reinforce beneficial and long-lasting intercultural and inter-ethnic relations at the individual, group, organization and community levels.

The mission of Volunteers for Prosperity is to promote the energy and idealism of the United States through support of international voluntary service by highly skilled American professionals that meets the global health and prosperity goals of the U.S. Government.

United Planet is a member of The Independent Sector, a leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in the U.S.and around the world. Its non-partisan coalition of organizations leads, strengthens, and mobilizes the charitable community to fulfill the vision of a just and inclusive society, a healthy democracy of active citizens, effective institutions, and vibrant communities.

United Planet is proud to be one of the Recommended Organizations of Amercia's Unofficial Ambassadors program. The underlying premise of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) is that American citizens should do more to improve America’s relationship with the Muslim World. Together, America and the Muslim World face daunting challenges which traditional diplomatic efforts and official development assistance will not solve alone. To complement our government’s programs and efforts, we seek to galvanize the power of people to reach across cultural differences, form partnerships of mutual interest, and build peace.

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