Orphanage Volunteer Abroad

You can make a difference in the lives of children in many communities.

"The children that I worked with were some of the warmest young people I have had a pleasure to meet. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that surround these children, every one had a precious gift of love and compassion to share with me."


-- Becky Reed, Volunteer at After School Center for Street Children

volunteer abroad with childrenUnited Planet’s unique Volunteer Abroad Quest program combines volunteering abroad, language learning, cultural activities, learning excursions, and special Cultural Awareness Projects to provide an incredibly fulfilling experience for volunteers and valuable support for communities in need.

Helping vulnerable children is at the heart of United Planet's focus. United Planet strives to give these children a voice and to take care of their immediate needs, and provide training and opportunities to take charge of their lives to have a better chance at a better future. United Planet works with local schools, orphanages, shelters, clinics and vocational training centers across the globe to help children at all stages of development.

Locations for Orphanage and Childcare Projects

Romanian Orphans


Volunteers spend time interacting with the children in the "tabara," while also experiencing Romanian life and culture in the adjoining village, located in the beautiful foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. A variety of activities and projects can be performed with children of all ages. These activities include playing with the children who are in great need of care and attention, teaching them English, and doing arts and crafts. Read more

orphanage ecuador


This project takes place in Quito at a busy day care center that serves over 300 children in a low-income neighborhood. The center strives to better educate and develop the children at a young age.The center has a morning day care program for children from 5 months to 6 years old; in the afternoon, schoolchildren come to the center until their parents return from work. Volunteers will help teachers in caring for the infants during the morning at the kindergarten and during the afternoon they will assist with homework and other recreational activities for the children. Basic Spanish required. Read more

orphanage ecuador

Costa Rica

United Planet's partner orphanage in San Jose is a home where all of the children's basic needs are met (shelter, food, clothes and education). The center also focuses on creating an environment that encourages the children's growth and development. Many of the children have been abandoned, are sick, belong to single mothers or have been separated from their parents by the state to ensure their wellbeing. Volunteers at this site in Costa Rica help do some light construction work such as repairing windows, doors etc. Volunteers can also teach English, organize artistic (theater, music, arts) and sports activities, help the children with their homework or teach agricultural education. Volunteers with no previous experience are welcome and social workers, psychologists and teachers are also needed. Basic Spanish required. Read more


Work at a state orphanage for kids between the ages of 1 and 18. The children live and eat in 12 different houses where a substitute mother takes care of a maximum of 10 children and sends them to school. Volunteers assist the substitute mothers in taking care of the household, helping the children with their homework, and organizing workshops and recreational activities. This opportunity is open for all volunteers. Basic Spanish Required. Read more


 Volunteers to Tanzania work in a more rural area, Ilula Ward, located 40 minutes drive outside of the provincial capital of Iringa (8 hours from Dar es Salaam by bus). The center in Ilula Ward includes over 100 acres of farmland, and they are currently focusing on building a new secondary school. Volunteer work there may include manual labor, such as farm work, as well as working with the children. Read more


While in Ghana volunteers will live on-site at an orphanage located about 13 miles from the city of Ho. There volunteers will help work with the children, age 2 - 18, by teaching English, organizing games and activities, and generally taking care of them. Individuals may also help with the farm on-site. Read more

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