China Summer Teaching Program 2014

Fantastic opportunity to live and teach in rural China

July 21 - August 16, 2014   |   Rural Hunan province 

Enrollment Deadline: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Maximum group size: 20 

China summer kidsOverview of the Itinerary

  • Land in Beijing and spend a few days sightseeing (Forbidden City, Great Wall).
  • Travel to rural village in a beautiful and remote area of western Hunan province.
  • While staying in a schoolhouse, teach English and environmental studies to local Chinese students.
  • On regular days of rest, visit the students' families, explore nearby towns, go hiking, shop at local markets.
  • End with a graduation ceremony and trip back to Huaihua, Beijing and home.

volunteer in China Summer 2011

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Who Can Participate

Volunteers: The minimum age is 16, and all ages are welcome. Some knowledge of Chinese is helpful, but not necessary. Volunteers come from the U.S. and Canada, China, and a few other countries. The volunteers will live together (in same-sex rooms) for the duration of the program.

Students: The children are from the local area, and range in age from about 8 to 16; they are grouped by age into classes of 20-30 students.


Every summer since 2001, approximately 35 volunteers have participated in China Summer, working together to teach roughly 150 rural Chinese students. The goals are to:

  • Provide educational opportunities to rural students (especially girls), and strengthen environmental awareness.
  • Build friendships and understanding among people from around the world.
  • Foster youth leadership through practical experience in a challenging environment.
  • Experience life in rural China first-hand; learn about current social, political, environmental, and economic issues.


"I found it hard, but really worth it... I think anyone interested in doing something really extraordinary should go. Don't think you want to challenge yourself? Go anyway, you'll find resources within yourself that you didn't know were there. And for the rest of your life you will know that you made a difference in the lives of a few students in Hunan. All in all, it was amazing."    --Maggie Harrison

Chinese Classroom

"...Then came graduation. The students practiced for hours on their songs and presentations. When the time came for them to perform I could see their fear, and just before climbing the stairs to the stage Mary took my hand and placed it on her heart, where I could feel it beating fast. My two fellow teachers and I stood near the front of the stage to cheer the students on and we hugged each other when it was over. Afterwards I met my student’s families and said my final tearful goodbyes to the kids...All I could think about that night were the kids I had just left."    --Caitlin Hopping

"Although the Chinese students left the China Summer with more knowledge, the real reward was the relationships that were built with teachers, students, and staff. There were many tears shed at graduation. English lessons were learned but more importantly lives were changed as volunteers and students opened their hearts to each other and connected across cultures."    --Arin Ahlum Hanson


While in Beijing and Huaihua, volunteers stay at a hostel or hotel. In the village, the program is hosted by the local school.

The school is made up of a complex of buildings, including classroom buildings, teacher housing, and student dormitories. Volunteers share a dormitory room with 7-10 of the same gender.

Program fee

China Summer Teaching 2014 is $3,495.  The fee includes:

  • Extensive pre-departure training from the United Planet head office
  • Chinese food (3 meals a day)
  • All accommodations (hostel or hotel in Beijing, Huaihua; dormitory in village)
  • Airport and train station welcomes
  • All transportation within China (between Beijing, Huaihua, and village)
  • Beijing sightseeing
  • Huaihua sightseeing
  • Local excursions near the village
  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Country coordinator support
  • Thoroughly researched volunteer project
  • Volunteer care and other services

Download the full Summer 2013 Program Itinerary here. Please get in touch with questions. Thanks!

Opening welcome ceremony at the school

Three Easy Steps to Apply

Questions about the program? 1-800-292-2316. Call us today. We will walk you step-by-step through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 1: Contact us at any time for help!  We'd love to talk to you. Email or call  1-800-292-2316.Please contact us at any time!

Step 2: Enroll online. Please fill in the enrollment form. Then reserve your spot with a deposit (which will be credited toward your program fee).

Step 3: Meet your United Planet coordinator and iron out the details. Once you've applied, someone from the United Planet Team will contact you, and arrange a time to talk about China Summer. THANKS!