Travel to Turkey

4 Reasons Turkey Should Be the Next Country You Visit

Turkey is one of the “must see” places in the Middle East. Every year people travel to see Istanbul, but once they are in Turkey, realize that it’s not all about Istanbul. In fact, there are many other historical and vocational places to visit! Here are four reasons that Turkey should be the next country you visit.

global health fellows

Introducing the 2014 United Planet Global Health Fellows

We are proud to introduce the United Planet Global Health Fellowship – a new scholarship program for Boston Public School students looking to explore careers in the healthcare field. Sponsored…

4th of July in Tipon

United Planet Volunteers Spend 4th of July in Tipon

Lisa Meehan is the United Planet Peru Program Intern and a student at Tufts University where she is majoring in Spanish and International Relations. Lisa works daily with our volunteers in Peru to ensure that they have a successful Quest experience. We asked her to write about her work in Peru, and this is what she had to say!

FIFA World Cup Remarks

Closing Remarks for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

If you are not living under a rock, you are well aware the 2014 FIFA World Cup is well under way. In fact, it’s over. The crowning tournament of the…

Scholarships and Grants for Volunteering Abroad

5 Scholarships and Grants for Volunteering Abroad

When you first start researching volunteer abroad opportunities, you might be surprised to discover that, in most cases, you need to spend money to volunteer. The fact of the matter…