Why United Planet?

You have options when choosing to volunteer around the world. Here’s what makes United Planet a good choice.

We are a mission-focused, non-profit organization

If you are looking to perform an important service, to make a difference, to help build a global community, United Planet will serve you well.

Our programs emphasize authenticity

United Planet is not about tourism. We want you to be safe and fulfilled, but we also want to get you outside your bubble, to jump into a real experience, to engage as a global citizen.

We provide everything you need to succeed

Our Quests include classes, in-country travel, home stays, meals, work chosen to meet your objectives – and we have associates in-country, who act as a cultural bridge during your experience.

You’ll get outside your comfort zone

Do you want to challenge yourself? Forge meaningful relationships? Do worthwhile work? Engage with a different culture? Our past volunteers use the word “immersive” to describe their experiences.

(your journey here)

Every Quest is personalized to help you meet your objectives, to provide the opportunity for genuine, meaningful personal growth. We work with you to figure out what you want to accomplish, then create the program that will take you there.

Your safety is our most important concern

No other organization provides more support – personal assistance before you travel, experienced staff in-country, strong and collaborative relationships with our hosts, insurance, 24-hour assistance – everything that can be done to ensure your safety and well-being.

What we do is meaningful

Your experience will be important, relevant and helpful to the community you serve. Our mission of unity means that both you and the host country will gain from your Quest.

Have questions? We’re here for you. We’d love to help.

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